August 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Amy Woltman

Woltman Amy_9521 LinkedIn.jpg

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (VLJ) is thrilled to honor Amy Woltman as its August Volunteer of the Month. Amy has volunteered with VLJ for three years, becoming one of the most dedicated volunteers at both the Tenancy and Consumer Law Clinics. Between the two clinics, she has personally helped more than 50 low-income clients in need of legal services.

Amy is a Vice President of Compliance for LEAP and Financial Wellness at Prudential. Through Prudential’s longstanding support and partnership with VLJ, Amy found an opportunity to pursue her interest in volunteering, but she has always had had an interest in pro bono work and giving back. In addition to her work with VLJ, she is a board member for the Sound Start Babies Foundation, a nonprofit that helps to subsidize early intervention programs for children under the age of three with hearing loss.

Volunteering with the Tenancy and Consumer Law Clinics allows Amy to venture outside of her comfort zone and regularly use her skills as a lawyer for people in need. The Tenancy Clinic provides legal assistance to those facing eviction while the Consumer Law Clinic assists those dealing with consumer debt, particularly those who are being sued for unpaid debt. According to Amy, the wide range of legal issues she sees at clinics is one of the benefits of volunteering. “It’s good practice at getting comfortable being uncomfortable,” she said of her experience working on issues outside of her daily job responsibilities.

Even when facing legal issues she’s never seen before, Amy calmly dives into the case before her and uses her skills as a lawyer to empower others. She cites this ability to empower clients as one of the most enjoyable aspects of volunteering. When she meets with clients, they not only receive help with their immediate legal issue, but they often learn more about their rights, which helps them to navigate tricky relationships with landlords or persistent creditors. For the purpose-driven lawyer, using her skills to help others is extremely rewarding. “It’s great to feel like you actually accomplish something and help someone make progress,” she said.

Amy empowers VLJ’s clients by giving them tools to fight back.  In doing so, volunteers like Amy change the lives of those in their community and enable them to make informed decisions.

VLJ is honored to recognize Amy Woltman as its Volunteer of the Month.