Success Story: Aidan & Lisa

VLJ is always in need of your support in order to keep taking cases and changing lives---cases like Aidan and Lisa's.  

“He now stands up for himself and he is not afraid to help others who he sees being mistreated,” Lisa said.

For years, Aidan, who has autism, was the victim of a neighborhood bully. Aidan went from a child who loved going to school to a child who told his mother, Lisa, that he wanted to die. When Aidan was 9, the bullying escalated to a point where Lisa contacted the school and the police. She tried to advocate for Aidan's safety with the school on her own, but was unsuccessful.

Lisa turned to VLJ for help and was connected with Michael, a volunteer attorney. She said, "From our first meeting with Michael, he made us feel at ease and explained the process. He was so kind and patient with my son and actually listened to his concerns. He gave Aidan hope that an adult other than his mom could be trusted."

Michael successfully negotiated a settlement with the school district  that gave Aidan the protection he needed. Michael considers this matter as, "My most rewarding case in more than 16 years of practice."

Now at age 13, Aidan is back on track as a happy, self-confident child who is on the honor roll and hopes to study law and politics.