Direct Referral

VLJ has operated a direct referral program since our inception.  A listing of case opportunities is emailed to interested volunteers on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  Case types include bankruptcy, child support issues, consumer law issues, criminal record expungements, discharge upgrades, divorce, driver’s license issues, education cases, estate issues, and legal issues stemming from Superstorm Sandy.  Volunteer attorneys review the case opportunities list and volunteer for cases that fit their interests, experience levels, and schedules.


Attorneys throughout New Jersey are eligible to volunteer.  VLJ has training materials on many of the issues that we place through the case opportunities list, but not for all areas.  We have volunteer mentors available to assist with some case types as well.


Brief descriptions of available cases are listed on the case opportunities case list which is emailed out on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  This description includes the area of law involved, the county the case is located in, and any upcoming deadlines.  If you are interested in taking the case, just respond to the email and we will send you conflict information.  If you have no conflicts, you will quickly receive the client file and other case opening information. You will be expected to contact your client, arrange an initial meeting, and make a decision if you are accepting the case within 10 days of receiving the case from VLJ.  If you accept the case you are expected to enter into a written retainer agreement with the client and represent the client through completion of that legal matter.  You also must send in case status paperwork to VLJ staff periodically.  In this program, you choose a case that is compelling to you and at a time that works for your schedule. 


If you would like to volunteer for the Direct Referral Program, please complete VLJ’s volunteer registration form.