Consumer Law Program

At this walk-in clinic (no appointment required), attorneys help low-income debtors in New Jersey with consumer debt disputes.  The clinic assists people who are being sued (defendants) in Special Civil Court in Essex County, or who are seeking assistance in dealing with creditors garnishing wages, levying bank accounts, etc.  During a typical clinic appointment, lawyers review your court documents, provide legal advice about your issue, explain the court process, and help you to fill out documents to be filed with the court.

When and where: The first and third Tuesday of the month 9:00 am-11:30 am at the Essex County Hall of Records, 465 Martin Luther King Blvd., Room 328* (3rd floor), Newark, NJ 


Other details:  Please bring any documents related to your lawsuit (for example, summons, complaint, letters to/from debt collection agencies, etc.) AND all documents relating to the debt (for example, credit card statements, bills, receipts, etc.)  Appointments generally last 30-45 minutes, but you could be at the clinic for a couple of hours depending on the number of other clients.  The courthouse has a pay parking lot, there is metered street parking, and the building is also close to public transportation.