VLJ’s Expungement Campaign

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VLJ’s 2019 Expungement Campaign has closed. Please check back next year on ways to give.

Our best chance at helping to clear criminal records for eligible clients comes with a cost: $40

That's how much a Criminal Case History (CCH) background check costs. It's not required for a record expungement, but VLJ asks our clients to obtain one.

Why? A CCH is the best tool to determine whether or not our clients are eligible for expungement. Simply put, when we know more, we can help better. And CCHs help us to know more. But clients need to get fingerprinted to obtain one, and that costs $40. This is a barrier that many cannot overcome.

That's why we need your help.

VLJ's Expungement Campaign has a simple goal: Raise $4,000 in two weeks to help 100 clients obtain their CCH. 

Your gift has a direct impact on someone's life.

Does obtaining a CCH guarantee that our clients will have their records expunged? No. But why not give them every possible chance to try.

About Record Expungements:

Expungement gives a fresh start by ensuring that a criminal background is no longer public information. After expungement, the arrest, conviction, and any related proceedings are deemed not to have occurred. This life-changing relief under New Jersey’s law is for a person with no pending matters, not many or serious convictions, who now leads a low-abiding life and has long disassociated him or herself from unlawful activity. Expungement helps to reduce recidivism, increase employment, stabilize housing, foster economic independence, unify families and build safer communities.